Impression, request and inquiry

Thank you for visiting my website, H.S.J Aviaphoto today. I am very appreciated to receive any e-mail about your impression, request and inquiry about this homepage. Sometimes it helps me so much to improve my website. Therefore please do not hesitate to send e-mail to me.
However, sometimes I receive some e-mail that makes me so irritate.

Here are some examples these kind of e-mail.

(1)Advertising e-mail, especially so-called spam mail.
(2)Inquiry about my website or airplanes that easy to find answer with searching by Google.
(3)Ticketing and reservation of flights (I'm not working airlines or travel agent).


Sometimes I received e-mail to request to get photos with high resolution images for their collection purpose. Normally, I went to airport, and wait for some airplanes, and taking photo. Making images for these request is not difficult, but behind this image, I spend a lot of time (and sometimes money) to take one photo image.
Therefore, I refuse to answer this kind of request.

My e-mail address is:

cathay289 at

Please rewrite gath to g@h, then send e-mail to me.

Use Image on other website or publishing items

I really appreciate that you want to introduce my photo in your website or blog. If you want to do so, please ask me to permission in advance. When you use images, need to link URL of this website ( into your article or website.
If you want to use images on publishing items (such as books, brochures, news website etc), please ask me to permission in advance. Depend on purpose of publishing, I will decide to charge or not for using images.

Please send e-mail cathay289 at (NO DIRECT LINK)


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